The Wheals are an original rock and roll band who transcend a genre specific definition. Elements of reggae, gospel, folk, rock and country illustrate the band’s sound. The Wheals bring a high energy live show that displays refreshing originality as well as mature musicianship.

Formed in the fall of 2005 The Wheals gained notoriety behind their first release, 2008s The Wheals. The album is comprised of 9 tracks that display sincere songwriting in a wash of Americana style arrangement. Each track lends to an overall theme of loss and self evaluation.

The Wheals are currently preparing for the release of their highly anticipated second album, Diamond Time. Recorded over the winter of 2011 the tone and attitude of this album is in sharp contrast to that of their first studio effort.  Diamond Time displays grit and volume and overall is a far more electric enterprise. The sounds of multiple guitars are reinforced by larger arrangements and a comprehensively charged bravado.

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